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This is a subsidiary architectural design company that offers a preliminary design service to local builders to ensure their clients’ design expectations are met. The design stage can be a very complex process and we aim to provide builders and contractors with the intellectual property required to satisfy their clients expectations. The sales process is often the most important part of the contract. With the typical response of ‘go get your plans done by a designer’ this in most cases will send your client to the competition who will offer the care required to guide them through the complex council consenting path.

The design stage should be an enjoyable process for the both the client and contractor and we endeavor to make this achievable. Builders and contractors often do not have the resource available for the sales and consulting requirements for the business, this is where we believe we can help.

From a design aspect we are experienced designers who day to day deal with complicated compliance constraints in order to satisfy the building act for the build environment. We work as a team with the hope that we can further our professional relationships with contractors, builders, and suppliers withing the construction industry for the benefit of the New Zealand consumer wanting to design and build their own dream home.

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